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What is the Findhorn-Foundation?

The Findhorn Foundation, founded 1962 is the heart of one of the best-known international communities in the world. It is a major international centre of adult education, and of personal and spiritual transformation. A lot of like-minded groups and projects have been grown out of it over the years and settled in the Findhorn Bay Area. Together with the Foundation, they form the Findhorn Community. It is located in the North of Scotland, 30 miles east of Inverness, at the Findhorn bay and the little town Forres.

This community welcomes all people, irrespective of race, colour, ethnic origin, age, religion or sexual orientation, to visit, live and work there

FindhornOn the foundation of the essential truths in all religions and spiritual teachings, Findhorn is a centre of spiritual service in co-creation with nature, encompassing education and community.

Findhorn is part of a growing Ecovillage Project, a positive and practical attempt to live sustainably on this earth. They grow their own organic food in a diversity of gardens and farms.

In their daily lives, through their educational programmes and through their work and relationships, they aim to create a safe space in which they can support each other to be honest, loving and conscious in everything they say and do.

In this Findhorn-way they encourage personal and collective spiritual growth and a deeper sense of connection to the sacred in themselves, to each other and to the environment that surrounds them.

FindhornIn order to demonstrate and investigate how problems, that are present in all social communities wherever, can be solved in a new and healthy way, the Findhorn Foundation is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation and is represented at regular briefing sessions at UN Headquarters.

Findhorn is visited by fourteen thousand people a year, for tours, workshops and conferences.

To find out more about the community please visit their website under: www.findhorn.org